Hi, I’m John.  This site is a showcase for my songs as well as a few pages of hints and tips on home recording and songwriting.

The About page gives you some information about me.  The Songs link at the top of this page takes you to some of the songs I’ve written and recorded where, if you're interested, you can listen to them as well as read the lyrics and also some background notes to each song.  The Guides & Tips pages include information on how I go about writing and recording songs, together with tips I hope might be useful to other home recording and songwriting enthusiasts (there’s a lot of us out there!).

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Visit the Gallery page if you want to see pictures of my studio, recording equipment and guitars.  The Links page includes useful web sites dealing with home recording and music making.  Finally, there’s a Contact page for you to send me any feedback or questions.  Thanks for dropping by!

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The Santiago Way

A love song, essentially.  Wishing and looking for true love.  Perhaps only finding it in our dreams.

Spain’s ancient pilgrimage route is a tough test of both body and spirit. But it’s also place to contemplate and be re-made.

Check out my videos on YouTube HD or Vimeo via links on some of the song pages. Click the appropriate icon on each song page.  Vimeo videos default to HD, but in YouTube you may need to switch to 1080HD for best results.

Nov 2018:  A new song: ‘The Santiago Way’ - see songs page.

Tongue Tied

The angst caused by being too shy to express your true feelings to someone.

The Treasure of Your Heart